Bachman’s Roofing division ensures all aspects of your roof are handled correctly including your chimney.

The areas around chimneys can be a leading cause of leaks so properly installing the flashing and making it leak proof is what our roofing team members focus on.

At Bachman’s we specialize in all types of chimney work, brick/stone, masonry and restoration.

Some of the chimney work we offer include:

Waterproofing/Repair & Restoration

Whether the chimney is big or small we offer a range of repairs to chimney systems. From relining the flue to leaky flashing to masonry repair and chimney rebuilding.

Rebuild Fireplaces

One of the most common water damages is from missing chimney caps. We help solve this situation by reconstructing the back walls of fireplaces, returning them to their original pristine condition.

Rebuild Crowns

Another common problem with chimneys is poorly built crowns. If yours is allowing water penetration or posing a fire hazard, our team members can properly construct a concrete one helping to guarantee no cracks.

Install Chimney Caps

Have you ever had a bird fly into your heater? Does moisture and rain get into the chimney? The best way to prevent moisture from rain and snow, leaves and animals from getting into your chimney is to install a chimney cap.

Replace Chase Covers

Chase covers that are leaking, damaged or made from masonry are a potential hazard for your metal fireplace. We can eliminate such problems, before they cause further damage to your roof by replacing the chase covers.

Water Leak & Condensation Resolution & Repair

Does your fireplace have water damage? Bachman’s Roofing will help you find the problem area and fix it so it does not continue to occur.

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