Maintaining the quality and life of your roof is a #1 priority at Bachman’s Roofing. Centrally located in Berks County, we proudly serve the surrounding Reading area, Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County, the Lehigh Valley including Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton, Philadelphia and Delaware County. Our roofing crews work daily to maintain your roof and eliminate any roof damage areas that your home may be experiencing water damage from.

The cause of roof leaks ranges from all different types of elements. Natural elements are a leading factor to many roof repairs including Wind damage, Hail Damage, Fire damage and Ice damage. Others include dry rot, termites, broken shingles and lack of maintenance.

With our 24-hour emergency roof leak assistance, we’ll get someone out there in timely fashion to assist with fixing a roof problem you may be having.

Examples of Roof Repair Issues

Damaged Shingles

Mother nature can surely take a toll on our roofs. Whether it’s a strong wind storm or heavy rainfall, significant damage can occur to your shingles leaving the underlying exposed for further damage. Additionally, as water collects under the shingles, the wood paneling can begin to root and further damage interior ceilings

Roof Leaks

Any amount of leakage can cause damage to your home when it is not addressed and left ignored. Aside from the common problems like stains on your ceiling or wood rotting, finding the roof leak can be challenging. At Bachman’s Roofing we highly recommend that you thoroughly inspect your roof as soon as you begin to see a problem occurring. Staying ahead of any further roof damage can go a long way in preventing further damage.

Damaged Flashing

We have all driven past that house who’s flashing has blown off or is hanging off the side of the house. Flashing is used to create a barrier around the vents and pipes along your roof and overtime that flashing can begin to corrode. When addressed early, you prevent your roof from any mold or further damage in large areas. If you have flashing damage, the team at Bachman’s can come out and repair or replace that damaged area to minimize further costly repairs.

Low Quality Workmanship

We hear it all the time, we had “two guys and a truck” do our new roof installation and now we are left with roof damage or repairs that shouldn’t be. When poor workmanship is performed on your number one asset, this leads to one of the main reasons for early roof damage to new roofs. Additionally, when homeowners try to fix the issues themselves, they sometimes skip or are unaware of key steps to take to avoid further damage. To rest assure and be confident in your roof replacement, trust the team that has over 4 decades of experience and is one of the leading roofing companies in the area, trust Bachman’s.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs


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Cedar Shake Roof Repair and Restoration


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